Week 5

This lesson Allegra and Arabella were away so I had to think of something that I could do by myself. I decided to go down to all the places that we put our plates and check on how they were going. I thought I wouldn’t take them down yet and I would wait for the other girls to come back to school before I did. I recorded how much dirtier the plates had gotten.. Read More


CONNECT When watching this video, I felt like I was able to connect with it more than the first video we watched. I feel this is because the girl that made the video was closer to our age and used language that was easier for me to understand. I am still a bit confused with to overall topic of soldering but I have more of an understanding now.   EXTEND As the other.. Read More


CONNECT When watching this video, I wasn’t able to connect with anything that they explained. This was mostly because I have never heard of soldering before. The whole video seemed very complicated to me so I think will need to learn more about the topic to know what it’s about.   EXTEND After watching this video, I have learned that soldering is a process of joining two things together by melting a metal… Read More

Week 2 – Air Pollution

In this week’s double lesson we had the problem of now having a long enough introduction so we decided to go into further depth so we could extend our understanding of the issue of air pollution. We added some more detail on what the issue was and how it is affecting our world. To make sure we had an understanding of actually how much pollution is in our air, we decided to make a.. Read More

Week 1 – Air Pollution

This lesson we didn’t do much but add some more onto our practical reports. As I was away for one of the lessons the last term I needed to catch up to the other girls. Bella and Allegra helped me out with writing my introduction and I got it finished in the lesson. After we had finished writing we came across the problem of the location of our plate again. Because we left it.. Read More


Last week Arabella and Allegra placed one of our test catchers up in the year 8 locker area while I was away. Today we went back to where the catcher was and unfortunately someone had pulled it down. So we chose to make another test catcher so we can see our results as we didn’t get to with the last one. We did have a few issues of ourselves being too short to.. Read More

Week 8 – Air Pollution Experiment

In this week’s double lesson our group chose to continue to find some more information on the air pollution topic. This included watching some videos on making a pollution catcher and researching what causes, what the symptoms are, what is, and what we can do about air pollution. We also decided to start writing the parts of our practical report that can before commencing our experiment. We completed writing our aim, hypothesis, the materials, and.. Read More


What is air pollution? Air pollution is defined as the presence of toxic chemicals and compounds in the air which can lead to many different health risks. Having pollution through our air can help people develop health problems. Things like diseases in your lungs, heart, brain and different organs throughout your body are all results of bad air pollution.   What causes air pollution? Air pollution occurs when harmful or excessive quantities of.. Read More


Experiment 1 – Air Pollution Catcher   Area: Climate change and plant or animal conservation.   Problem:  In this day of age transport and vehicles are a very big part of our lives. When driving to work and school we are always burning gases and coal, which then is polluting our air further. Pollution shoots harmful gases that can affect people in different ways.   Impact: It can aggravate medical patients with asthma.. Read More


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